"I love Hartford, and I plan on continuing the long line of my family who chose to live in this community.  To do that, I needed to make sure that our town had strong leadership to bring into the future. I have the energy and drive to help bring Hartford into the next generation. "

I am greatly concerned about our future in Hartford from an environmental perspective because we are in town with three rivers and weather dependent tourist economy. I want to live in Vermont and this town my whole life, and that requires making sure that this place stays livable for the next seventy years. Not to mention the future for my children and allowing another seven generations of my family to continue. 


I am the liason to the Energy Commission in town, and I work for the mission driven solar company SunCommon. I work to help Vermonters learn how to go solar and support renewable energy everyday in the work I do.


As a town, we are five diverse villages, Hartford Village, Quechee, White River Junction, West Hartford, and Wilder- each with a diverse group of residents. 


We need to get young people involved so they have a strong connection to their community, but also because in my life I have found that having more perspectives at the table brings out more good ideas. 


Additionally, women make up only 1 in 5 select board seats throughout Vermont, that is too low! We need more women in elected seats.


We are in a time of transition and engaging our business partners in town and the big employers is a major part of the steps moving forward.


I support a $15 minimum wage, at the very least, and increased benefits and support for working Vermonters. I support both paid family leave and earned sick time legislation.


Anyone who has tried to rent an apartment or buy a house in the Upper Valley knows what I mean when I say we have an affordable housing crisis. We need to have more affordable housing to bring back residents and improve standards of living for low-income members of our community.


My husband and I had the opportunity to become first-time homebuyers because of a local housing trusts program.



Local Control

I was surprised to see that lack of communication between state elected leaders and local leaders when I became a board member for the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.


I have testified at the statehouse on the issue of transportation funding and other important budgetary responsibilities that fall the majority of the time to the local government.


My goal is once the two bodies are communicating better we can see a savings taxpayers and more efficient ways of solving our basic problems.

Health Care

I believe access to high-quality health care is a right, not a privilege.



I have first-hand experience of when our health care system in Vermont shines, and when it has failed. Growing up my brother and I were able to get Dr. Dynasaur through the state, which covered our basic health and dental needs.


On the flip side when my mother had a severe back injury she was forced into medical debt that caused us to lose our home from foreclosure. 

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